Simple 11′ Car shelter

Simple 12′ Car shelter

Walkway/storage Single slope

Walkway / storage

Single slope car shelter

Round double car shelter

Double Car Shelter 16′ , 18′, 20′

Side Door Zipper/clip for simple, double and single slope shelters

Simple Front Door

Simple Front Door (Double car shelter)

Flap and Track


Can we use cement blocks as an anchoring system?

No. It is insufficient to properly secure your shelter.

What if we use several blocks?

It will still be insufficient to secure your shelter. You are putting yourself and your unit at risk.

Do you do delivery?

Yes, we deliver. We service Laval, Montreal, and certain areas of the north shore. Please see the main page for the complete list.

Do you we have to remove the snow off of the shelter?

Yes. It is recommended that you remove the snow off of the shelter after every storm.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. Abris Mondial offers a 3 year warranty on all manufacturing defects.

Abri Mondial hereby undertakes to guarantee products and / or components sold for a period of
three (3) years for the canvas and ten (10) years for the metal against rust. said warranty begins to run from the date of purchase of the products and / or
components. This warranty is valid only upon presentation of a copy of the invoice the product and / or the damaged component and proof
to identify such damage or defect. The entire cost of transport and installation will be at the customer’s sole expense.

Warranty not applicable:
This warranty does not apply to damage caused by
by :
 extreme weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances;
 prolonged exposure to the sun;
 excessive snow or ice;
 inadequate and unsafe installation of the canvas or components;
 neglect of the maintenance of various materials;
 damage to persons and property;
 theft or vandalism;
It should be noted that the exclusion or exclusion of the guarantee remains at the sole discretion of Abris Mondial.

It is recommended that you verify whether you are allowed to install a shelter in your area with your municipality. They can also advise you regarding the installation and removal dates of your shelter.

Our products conform to the new BNQ norms.

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